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American Loyalty

1 Loyalty is bedrock. Knowing that a group of people will always support you gives peace of mind that outsiders can't come in and take everything you have built without trouble or that you won't be completely left stranded if something unfortunate happens to you. But the needed trade-off for people to be loyal to you from birth is that you will always have a debt towards them―that after a group investing their lifeblood into you that you will stick around and have some loyalty towards them.

2 I hate how involved the United States is in foreign politics and wars. We were founded by an isolationist people that wanted their own space in the world separated from the political struggles abroad. A place where they didn't need to know what was happening in China or France and could just live out their lives in peace. There are huge issues of trying to spread our special gem of liberalism outside of this as we were built on a framework of not even Christianity but Protestant Christianity. A culture where you are not required to do many things but do them anyway because you OUGHT to imitate the figure of Christ. Because of this only Protestant Christianity and its derivative cultures were set up properly to handle the amount of personal responsibility and weight put on the individual and his actions.

3 Our version of democracy is destined to fail in some environments. For democracy to take root there first need to be an widespread ideal of personal responsibility of the individual for the state to safely pass on some of its responsibility to its members ― it simply doesn't exist in a lot of places. It's heartbreaking that some cultures will not become liberal democracies; their stories are going in different directions and we may not be able to live in one universal ‘open society’ with them. But it's evil for us to force our culture onto other cultures when they don't want to change and enjoy their way of doing things. All of these horrific acts done by us under the implication that "everyone lives better under a liberal democracy" are wrong.

4 But I will dogmatically wave my flag and think of myself as an American; how can I not? I was raised as an American in an American family and so I am an American; it's not a choice but a birthmark. It's my culture and even though it has done horrible things in the past and may do some horrible things in the future―I will support them always to the end because they are my roots and you don't exist without your roots. Trees should not be replanted. Same thoughts about my religion and my family.