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1 My blog index lists writers and commentators that I find interesting. I have a bias towards listing sites that were made personally as I want to others to make their own website.

2 I felt a little resistance at first to making this page. Maybe it's because I wanted this site to just be connected to my work and an advertisement page takes a little away from that. But people have found my website through pages like this ― I've found others through pages like this ― and it's only fair that I maintain one myself.

3 Actually I highly encourage anyone else with a website to also maintain a ‘links page’. Google search results (or any search engine) display sites that check boxes on what the search engine selects for; show content engineered for the engine and often not much else. Writers that don't engineer their articles for the algorithm (often ones with most interesting things to say) have a hard time getting exposure.

4 SEO (search engine optimization) is tied to a much deeper problem ― the deeper problem ― of how all systems can become gamified when their internal mechanics become understood. Some will ironically break when comprehended (are the geese that lay golden eggs). When people study for their IQ test the test becomes invalid. Goodhart's law?

5 And so we should not try to micromanage human behavior or say that human behavior reduces down to mechanical explanations as it removes the possibility of free will! It removes the idea that there exists part of us that is immaterial ― a soul ― that can reject material causality. Humans are systems that break when we try to understand or control them mechanically.

6 I've mentioned the issue of algorithms selecting for agitating material in my posts about cybernetics. I've mentioned how the interplay between the google algorithm and journalists fighting for attention has ruined the Wikipedia project. A lot of people already know about the Cambridge Analytica drama. Tech companies themseves have their own agenda. People are being analyzed ― and then gamified ― in a way not seen before with the extensive data collection that is going on. People are so ― in way ― losing their soul to algorithms (as stupid as that sounds).

7 Projects like the Searx meta search engine will help end gamification. Instead of there just being one search algorithm for Searx there are instead dozens of algorithms that select for different things for the dozens of instances that one could choose. Obscurity of mechanics is what will produce organic search results. Just how an organic IQ percentile comes from a test that has obscure mechanics.

8 Restrictions on data collection ― and the creation of cultural taboos against data collection― will help the most. If data can't be collected on people in the first place then it can't be used to gamify them. The GNU ‘free software’ movement is instrumental to this goal as software licensed under it allows tech literate people to see the code that is running on their system; can then call out unwarranted data collection.

Blog/Figure Index:

Luke Smith
‘Internet culture’ commentator and writer. Has resources to maximize productivity on computers through command line programs and linux. Articles about learning Latin and other languages. Formats and reprints old books. Polymath.
Richard Stallman
Heads the GNU Project. Influential figure in the computing field. Does a large amount of political commentary.
Jordan Peterson
Former clinical psychologist and professor. Internet celebrity and public intellectual.
Mats L. Winther
"Depth psychology and spiritual tradition"
Nicholas Taleb
Decision theory, risk, probability. Trader, hedge fund manager, professor. NYT bestselling author. Polymath.
Nick Land
Philosopher and author. Did work with the CCRU in the 90's.
Curtis Yarvin
‘Deep Right’ political philsopher. Poet.
Kelley L. Ross
Philosopher, his site is an encyclopedia.
Noam Chomsky
Linguist, professor, author, commentator. Public intellectual.
David Myatt
Does translations and commentary on old Greek texts. Has an interesting past involved with everything from neo-nazis ― radical Islam ― to the occult. Poet.
Thomas Sowell
Economist, author, professor. Fellow at the Hoover Institution. Public intellectual.
Auron Macintyre
"YouTuber and recovering journalist"
Matt Traudt
Naval Research Lab researcher. Has posts about the tor project and computer privacy.
Jonathan Pageau
Artist, writer and public speaker. Focuses on "the symbolic structures that underlie our experience of the world".

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