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Cybernetics and Media ☇

Draft Publication Date: May 16, 2022
Author: Joshua Liu

1 How mass and social media ― and further their unfortunate combination ― exists in its current form is itself a huge problem. Media gives shocking and agitating content priority. It extends the fame of the agitators. It prioritizes tearing Man down over building him up. Harmful content choices aside: Media drowns out ones own thoughts which may be its most damaging effect.

2 With TV's plastered on a wall in every doctors waiting room and a cell phone in every pocket there are a large amount of people that are watching the most disgusting individuals in the world do their disgusting things to humanity. Makes them feel angry, scared, confused, and cornered. Reduces their cognitive function to the most basic of animal instincts. Causes a few to do dumb things in revenge ― often against the wrong people ― acting as a catalysis for more hate and further accelerating the erosion of human dignity.

3 Things that people can't change shouldn't be shown or talked about. There used to be a more pronounced hierarchy in place where people knew what they had control over and didn't worry much about what they could not ― it should reintroduced in at least a limited form. Or maybe it should to be reintroduced in a not so limited form. With mass-media many feel that they should join these mass mob-like movements to change things that they don't have the tools to solve. Control in life that is fulfilling for all of us exists in our small communities ― that those higher up have an obligation not to micromanage ― and only a few can it come from doing actions at the macro level. There is so much suffering and pain in the world ― so much hate and violence ― that it's overwhelming for anyone to constantly be bombarded by the worst of it. Especially when there is nothing productive that most of us can or should do.

4 Trolls deserve no more attention in real life than they do online. Should be dealt with by the right people (moderators).

5 Others alienated with and/or ostracized by society will imitate the worst people that have been advertised to them. The story of a villain is the most compelling alternative path for some. The principle of imitation ― the acknowledgement that Man tends to construct his stories from those he is exposed to ― does not exclude stories that have a negative connotation. Most people are not creative in their thinking, will ironically take the alternative road mainstream culture says they should take. Not giving notice to villainous acts and instead pushing redemptive narrative paths for the ostracized to follow back ― or manageable alternative narrative paths where the alienated can find their own place ― is the best way to prevent similar acts in the future. We live in a world of self fulfilling prophecies: If we keep on saying that we are going to hell then we will probably end up there.

6 Mass media has been trending trended towards analysis over synthesis. It has been prioritizing breaking & smashing people apart and down ― throwing the world away ― over trying to build them up or piecing them together albeit how beautifully imperfect they are. Overanalysis is especially damaging when it touches our male figures of imitation ― male leaders and heroes ― as it leads to young men not having any noble characters that they can look up to. Unfortunately, these figures are now exactly the ones under the most attack. It's more exciting to watch a great edifice come crashing down than watching it slowly being built up brick by brick.

7 Communicating through media takes away time from talking to people in real life where a more grounded view of reality lies, where there is an expectation to respect others, where experimentation with dangerous ideas leaks less, where better feedback can be found. And if some speech can be done through media than it needs more than 280 characters to work with to articulate more than impulsive disapproval or rage. It needs more than what can be contained in a 30 second video clip to be fully formed.

8 We all need time to think through our thoughts ― to pray! I see my peers wearing bluetooth headsets and earbuds when they walk places ― removing any possibility of self reflection and to step back to think about what they are doing ― leads them to not developing their inner life. There are people that feel need to have the TV playing in the background ― they need to be told that they could be so much more if they just turned it off for a little while. Our inner voice should not be replaced by the voices of others!

9 Making spaces where the elite are less scared to speak their mind in real life ― removing consequences of experimenting with ideas at the mirco level ― would lesson the amount of alienation that will happen [if] censorship starts being put into place online. Many are on the internet to talk about ideas they were shunned for mentioning at their universities. Highly verbal people will be more willing to work within the university system again once it becomes less protective of peoples feelings ― becomes verbally combative again. Those not willing to engage in discourse in university should not be sent ― but also should not be ashamed for not wanting to fight. Some people want to live in a protected environment ― in a safe space ― others do not. University should again become one of the few places that is not a safe place.

Red Pilled

10 And if based and redpilled ‘internet culture’ deserves to avoid censorship from outsiders than it should shun commentators that needlessly agitate and those that ― more generally ― do not keep their personal behavior in check. It should care about how and when to say things and who is saying it. Which people and groups benefit from the ideas. This is a strategic move for the community as more will willing to listen ― even to take criticism ― from it as they will find the commentators more palatable and maybe even worthy of imitation. Trending towards being more thoughtful will force the hand of mainstream culture to shun their agitating commentators to avoid losing their own influence ― pulling the behavior of everyone up! If a counter-culture remains reactive, experimental, and degenerate then it will not extend its influence. Cultures that become reactive and degenerate fall.

11 When all of this fails and horrible things do happen to people and they are heartbroken? After a point they need to turn the other cheek and move on even with the most horrific of crimes against them. Only undeserving love can break this cycle of hate. There is a new sun every morning! None of us want to return to being animals.

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