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Early February

Last edit: 3-18-22

§0 Website

0.0 Hesitant to add RSS feeds as I'm often still editing my writings after I put them out. It's a bad habit and I should just wait a week before publishing to look everything over closely.

0.1 Manually making web pages for the blog is probably unnecessary and a huge time sink. Will have to bite the bullet and figure out how to code a script that takes the name of article, my paragraphs, meta information―and writes the code for me while updating the RSS feed and site map. I want more control over picture placement in my works so I'll still manually code those pages.

0.2 This site is not going to be recommended by search engines for awhile. I've been messing with restructuring the directories in the site and changing the names of a few of my articles, experimenting with redirects from other domain names in my nginx file (again, I need to proofread more before I put stuff out). It has probably put my site on a blacklist for duplicated content though I've removed all the extra pages from google and bing at this point.

0.3 I am tempted to advertise my site with an ad campaign, mostly just for the experience and to see how it works. Google, Facebook, and Microsoft―the services you have to work with to run ads―are evil how they use your data so out of principle so probably not. Though I do have a big ego, buying ads to shove my writings down peoples throats is a bit narcissistic even for me anyhow. I use an ad blocker anyway so I would be a hypocrite to host or push ads.

0.4 It should be noted that all writing is in essence a bit egotistical and narcissistic. Pretending that its not castrates and defangs the process. You are spending hours looking over your own words that you type (in solitude where narcissism and ego runs uncontrolled anyhow) ― then you push your work out into the world for it to affect others and/or to change how others think about things. Writing is obviously a huge exertion of ones own will and power.

0.5 I think I'm mostly done editing the look and interface my site, I'm pretty proud how I coded it from scratch and how it works on all screen sizes. Most of the work has been on the CSS―I like the feature that I can just edit one file and my whole site updates (with html if you want to update the user interface you have to edit every page individually). JavaScript makes your site slow and people use it to track analytics of their users so I've avoided using it.

§1 Notes for ‘On Stories And Will’

1.0 The essay has its roots from a discussion in October 2021. I was going to post the transcript of the entire conversation but I ran into the problem that I didn't have the responses saved. I've slowly edited parts of it into one essay making generous modifications. Added §2 and §3 in early February 2022.

1.1 Standing on the shoulders of giants. The Corpus Hermeticum (Various Authors*), Hedonism, Asceticism and the Hermetic Answer [This essay has been expanded (a minority of the edits maybe taking inspiration from my essay) since I first read it but only for the better.] (Luke Smith), , Thus Spoke Zarathustra (Friedrich Nietzsche), The ‘F’ Word (Nick Land), On the Soul (Aristotle), Metaphysics (Aristotle),The Poetics (Aristotle), Critique of Pure Reason (Kant), Understanding and Rejecting Extremism A Very Strange Peregrination (Myatt), Industrial Society And Its Future (Kaczynski).

1.2 Pictures (top to bottom). Michelangelo ― The Creation of Adam, Rubens ― The Fall of Man, Fresco from the ‘The Holy Monastery of Hilandar’, Titian ― Crucifixion, Barbieri - Saint Paul.

§2 Personal

2.0 Flew back to Dunedin yesterday, forgot my sleeping bag so ended up sleeping on a bare mattress in my flat. My accommodation provides bedding I think so I just have to find the stuff. Have blankets in a storage unit. Had trouble falling to sleep and missed church, feeling a bit lonely.